1. Every student of the Ghana School of Law (“GSL”) shall dress decently and respectably in the prescribed attire for lectures and the various functions.
  2. The dress code for lectures is black (plain black or with thin stripes) and white. Checking materials are not allowed. Appropriate suiting materials must be used at all times. Lycra and stretch fabrics are not encouraged. Wearing three quarter trousers, jeans and corduroy are not appropriate dressing.
  3. Students of the GSL are to wear court shoes or flat shoes. Sandals, flip flops and slippers are not permitted.
  4. Hair must be kept neat; jewellery must be kept to the minimum and make-up toned down.
  5. Dressing provocatively is strictly prohibited in the GSL. Specifically, mini dresses and skirts are not allowed. Skirts and dresses must be kept below the knee level.
  6. It is misconduct and a violation of this Code for a student of the GSL to dress in a manner inconsistent with the GSL dress code.
  7. Students are required to have their meals, snacks, as well as relaxation and other activities at the officially appointed places.
  8. Every student shall, at all times, conduct himself/herself in an orderly manner, with dignity and self-respect.
  9. Students shall show particular respect for authority and uphold law and order. Accordingly, it shall be a violation of this Code for any student :
  • to conduct himself/herself in such a manner as would amount to rudeness , disrespect or insulting behaviour towards any officer of the School.
  • to intentionally or willfully disobey or disregard any regulations and orders as may be made for orderly running of the School and
  • to be under the influence of alcohol or narcotic substances while in class or School.


  1. The academic session for Professional Law Course Students shall comprise two Semesters, as follows:

First Semester – October –May

Second Semester – June – September

  1. All Professional Law Students shall undertake an internship from January to June.
  1. The academic session for Post-Call Law Course shall commence from October and end in June.


  1. All Professional Law Course and Post-Call Law Course students shall properly register to undertake the requisite Course within three weeks from the commencement of the academic year, after which period no registration shall be allowed.
  2. A student shall be allowed to register upon paying half of the approved School fees for the appropriate Course of study.
  3. A student who fails to register during the three week period shall forfeit his/her right to write examination for the entire academic year.


  1. The minimum period for completion of the Professional Law Course shall be two years and that of the Post-Call Law Course shall be one year.
  2. A repeating student has three attempts at each examination to pass after which his/her studentship shall be cancelled. Such a student may, however be allowed to re-apply to the General Legal Council for admission.


  1. A Professional Law Course student shall not be allowed to defer his/her Course of study except under extreme medical conditions certified by a medical practitioner from a reputable health institution. The GSL reserves the right to investigate any Medical Report submitted by a student. The maximum period allowed shall be one year.
  2. A Post-Call Law Course student may be allowed to defer his/her Course of study for a maximum period of one year.
  3. A student who wishes to defer his/her Course of study shall apply within at least four weeks after the commencement of the academic year through the Director of Legal Education stating reasons why his/her Course of study needs to be deferred.
  4. A student who defers his/her studies beyond a period of one year shall have his/her studentship cancelled. Such a student may, however be allowed to re-apply for admission.
  5. Any student who fails to go through the approved procedures before deferring his/her studies shall be deemed to have abandoned his/her studentship. The Registrar shall cause the name of such student to be removed from the student roll.


  1. Regular attendance at lectures and tutorials are  compulsory and students are required to be present and take part in any sessional examinations or tutorials that may be conducted by any lecturer.
  2. Students who absent themselves from lectures for a total of 28 days or more in any academic year without reasonable excuse, proof of which shall be on him/her, shall be deemed not to have satisfied the attendance requirements for the year and shall be prevented from participating in any examination conducted by the School and may be required to repeat the year in question.


  1. All registered students shall be required to sit for the appropriate exams as shall be indicated on the GSL Academic Calendar on condition that the student has settled all outstanding fees in full.
  2. Payment of half the requisite approved fees only entitles a Professional Law Course student to write the First Semester exams. Payment of School fees must be made in full to enable such a student write the Second Semester Examination.
  3. All students who have settled the requisite fees shall be granted an EXAMS PASS CARD by the Accounts Department one month before the commencement of the appropriate examination.
  4. A student without an EXAMS PASS CARD shall not be allowed entry into the Examination Centre.
  5. All students shall be required to attend lectures and tutorials punctually. A student who absents him/herself from lectures and tutorials for a cumulative period of 28 days shall not be eligible to write any examination in the GSL.
  6. Any student who absents him/her self from writing any examination without approval properly sought and given shall be graded “F” in that particular Course.
  7. A student who commits an examination malpractice or offence shall be awarded grade “X” denoting disqualification.


  1. An appropriate date for the re-registration of failed subject (s) will be determined by the School from time to time.
  2. A student who passes a re-sit paper shall be graded “B” irrespective of the actual marks obtained in the examination.
  3. A Professional Law Course student who fails three or more subjects cumulatively for both Semesters shall re-register and repeat both semesters the following academic year upon payment of the appropriate School fees.
  5. Any student aggrieved or dissatisfied with the results as published shall within seven (7) days of the publication of the examination results petition the Director for a re-mark of the script.
  6. An appeal for re-marking shall be addressed to the Director, Legal Education, who in turn, shall forward same to the Chairperson of the IEB.
  7. The petition shall be accompanied by a non-refundable fee of Three Thousand Ghana Cedis (GHS3,000.00) or such sum as may be determined by the General Legal Council from time to time per script.
  8. In a situation where a candidate earns a Pass after re-marking, the fee covering the appeal for re-marking shall be refunded to the said student.
  9. A decision on re-marking will be communicated to the student within five (5) weeks from the date the student petitioned.



  1. A student performance in a Course shall be graded as follows:
A 70-100 Excellent
B+ 60-69 Very Good
B 50-59 Good
C 40-49 Fail
D 30-39 Fail
E 20-29 Fail
F 20-0 Fail
X Absent
i Incomplete result


  1. Grade “X” shall be awarded to a student who registers to write an examination but is unable to write the said examination for reasons acceptable to the School and IEB. Such a student shall be required to re-register and re-sit the said examination.


  1. Prizes are awarded for the best student in each subject and a grand prize (known as the “John Mensah Sarbah Award”) given to the overall best graduating student.


  1. At the end of a student’s Course of study, GSL shall, on the payment of an appropriate fee, issue to the student a complete transcript of his/her academic record.


  1. Any student who wishes to use or keep a vehicle on the premises of the GSL must obtain permission from the Registrar through the Accounts Department.
  2. The GSL accepts no responsibility for such vehicles or for any damage that may occur to them or to their owners, drivers or passengers or theft to vehicles or vehicle contents. The use of such vehicles is a privilege which is enjoyed at the sole risk of the persons concerned and which will be withdrawn if it is abused.


No GSL student shall:

  • cause or threaten any other person with bodily harm.
  • assault another person or threaten any other person with assault whether sexual or otherwise or commit a battery against another person.
  • cause by action, threat or a disturbance that the student knows obstructs any activity organized by the GSL
  • steal, knowingly take, destroy or damage premises of the GSL or any physical property that is not his or her own.
  • knowingly possess property of the GSL without authorization.
  • knowingly use any equipment, facility or service of the GSL without the express authorization of a person or persons authorized to give such
  • sexually assault or rape a person.
  • sexually harass another student by engaging in unwelcome or unwanted behaviour of a sexual nature  including attempting to fondle or fondling, attempting touch or touching, attempting to caress or caressing.
  • Produce or distribute any pornographic material on the premises of the GSL
  • smoke in the library, reading rooms, lecture halls or on the premises of the GSL.
  • make undue noise within the GSL premises.
  • engage in petty trading.
  • any student whose conduct amounts to a criminal offence may be dealt with as if that conduct amounts to a violation of this Code. This is without prejudice to the Republic instituting any criminal proceedings against him/her.


  1. Any student who violates any of the rules of this Code shall be liable to the appropriate disciplinary action.
  2. There shall be a Disciplinary Committee comprising three members of the academic faculty. The Director shall in all cases appoint one of the members as the Chairperson of the Committee.
  3. The Disciplinary Committee shall investigate an allegation of misconduct referred to it by the Director of Legal Education and shall recommend appropriate
  4. The Director of Legal Education shall refer all academic related misconduct to the Disciplinary Committee.
  5. A student shall have the right to appear before the Disciplinary Committee with a lawyer of his/her choice.
  6. The recommendations of the Disciplinary Committee shall be forwarded to the Director of Legal Education who shall present it to the Academic Board of the GSL for further recommendations to the General Legal Council.
  7. The decision of the General Legal Council on the sanctions imposed shall be final.


  1. Depending on the nature of the violating conduct, a student may :
  • Be reprimanded orally or in writing; or
  • Be reprimanded and suspended from the School; or
  • To have his/her call to the Bar deferred; or
  • Be disapproved for an eventual call to the Bar; or
  • Be dismissed from the School altogether without the right to re-apply.