The following programmes are offered at the Ghana School Of law:

Labour Law:
General Considerations and Scope The employment relationship: Definition of the parties, Need for definitions, International Labour Organisation Conventions… read more

Banking Law:
This is a 12 week Course run on behalf of the government of Ghana and the  Commonwealth Secretariat for African member states… read more.

Family Law:
Definition and Scope Marriage and the Family The Laws Applicable Jurisdiction Marriage as a Special Contract and Breach of Promise of Marriage… read more

Law of Taxation
Taxation as a concept Taxation as an economic concept and its role in an economy The legal basis of taxation Classification of Taxes: direct and indirect taxes, taxes on income and capital, consumption or expenditure taxes, progressive, regressive and proportional taxes… read more

Insurance Law
Commercial Background of Insurance Definition of insurance Parties to the contract classification of insurance Description of the subject matter Insurance interest… read more

Legal Accountancy
Introduction: Why lawyers should learn accounting. What is accounting. Users of accounting information/stakeholders Standard setting Introduction to double entry bookkeeping…  read more

Civil Procedure
Civil Procedure PRELIMINARY ISSUES Hierarchy of Courts History of the Rules of Court in Ghana Various Rules of Court… read more

Advocacy and Legal Ethics

The course is divided into the following three areas: Substantive Law Conveyancing Theory Practical Drafting The ultimate goal of the course is to equip students with adequate knowledge of the substantive land law in Ghana. A thorough understanding of this is necessary in order to help the student excel in practical drafting… read more

Law of Interpretation
When to resort to Interpretation Difficulties of Interpretation/ Conditions of doubt which necessitate Interpretation Canons / Rules of Interpretations Basic rules, Aids, Presumptions and Special binding statutory rules (e.g. in CA4). Validity in interpretation of (i) Objectivity… read more

Company Law
Company Law Article Index Company Law Commencement of Business: Section 39(1)) Section 9(3) of the Companies Code All Pages… read more

Criminal Procedure
The role of the Police in Criminal Procedure The role of the Attorney-General in Criminal Procedure Courts with Criminal Jurisdiction Forms of Trials in Ghana institution of Criminal Proceedings Arrests Generally Bail and Recognizance… read more

Introduce students to the principles and practice of Negotiation, Mediation and Arbitration running into account the peculiar circumstance of Ghana… read more