1. Substantive Law
2. Conveyancing Theory
3. Practical Drafting
The ultimate goal of the course is to equip students with adequate knowledge of the substantive land law in Ghana. A thorough understanding of this is necessary in order to help the student excel in practical drafting.
The course is designed to help students undertake d rafting assignments successfully. Among other things the course will help students to the following:
I. Approach drafting tasks with confidence;
II. Organize and complete drafting tasks efficiently;
III. Work skillfully with conceptually complex materials;
IV. Choose language strategically;
V. Write clearly, concisely, and without inadvertent ambiguity;
VI. Draft documents with readable structure and style;
VII. Attendance and participation are required. Participation consists of more than mere attendance. Students must show that they have prepared by reading and thinking about assigned materials;
VIII. Students must show that they understand or are making an effort to understand the concepts and principles discussed.
Substantive law and drafting

1. Interests in land-
Allodial tittle;

Interests less than the freehold;
a. Leases
b. Sub leases
c. Deed of assignments
d. Tenancies
e. Licenses
f. Easements and profits
g. Restrictive covenants

2. Due diligence of title antecedents
a. Requisitions on title;
b. Searches and enquiries

3. Contract for the sale of land:
Statutory requirements of contract;
Open contracts;
Advantages and disadvantages of open contract;
Formal contract;
Particulars of sale;
Conditions of sale;

4. Effect of contract of sale pending completion:
Position of the vender;
Position of the purchaser;
Death of either party;
Vendor’s and purchaser’s liens
5. Remedies for breach of contract.
a. Damages;
b. Specific Performance;
c. Rescission

6. Completion:
a. What constitutes completion on the part of the vendor and on the part of the purchaser;
b. Post completion matters.

7. Stamping and registration of conveyances:
Necessity for stamping and effect of failure to stamp;
Registration under Land Registry Act, 1962 (Act 122);
Registration under Land Title Registration Law, 1986 (P.N.D.C.L. 152)

8. a. statutory Declaration
c. powers of Attorney
d. co-ownership

9. Mortgage:
a. Preliminary enquiries;
b. Form of mortgage instrument;
c. Form of a transfer of a mortgage;
d. Form of a discharge of a mortgage;
e. Synopsis of the Mortgage Act, 1972 (NRCD 96).

10. Wills
a. Form of a will;
b. Form of a Vesting Assent
c. Form of a Codicil;
d. The will in practice including probate and administration.
11. Adverse possession

12. Books:
a. Aidoo E.S. Conveyancing and Drafting-the Law and Practice in Ghana;
b. Crabbe S.A. Law of Wills in Ghana (1998);
c. Da Rocha and Lodoh: Ghana Land Law and Conveyancing, 2nd Edition (a must for every student);
d. Da Rocha and Lodoh: Practical Draftsman (a must for every student);
e. Evans and Smith, ‘’The Law of Landlord & Tenant’’; (6th ed). Butterworths (2003);
f. Kelly’s Draftsman, 18th edition (2003);
g. Kludze A.K.P. Ghana Law of Landlord and Tennant (1993);
h. Opoku –akyeampong D.K.; The Acquisition, sale and Rental of Property in Ghana;
i. Opoku-akyeampong D.K.; The Acquisition, Sale and Rental of Property in Ghana-Casebook;
j. Woodman G.R.; Customary Land Law in the Ghanaian Courts (1996).

13. Statutes:
1. 1992 Constitution of the republic of Ghana;
2. Administration of Estates Act, 1961 (Act 63);
3. Administration of Estates (amendment ) Law, 1985 (PNDCL 113);
4. Administration of Lands Act, 1962 (123);
5. Administration of Lands (Amendment) Decree, 1979 (AFRCD 61)
6. Bills of Exchange Act, 1961 (Act 55);
7. Borrowers and Lenders Act, 2008 (Act 773);
8. Conveyancing Act, 1973 (NRCD 175);
9. Farm Lands (Protection) Act 107);
10. Land Development (Protection of Purchasers) Act, 1962 (Act 2);
11. Land Registry Act, 1962 (Act 122);
12. Land Title Registration Law, 1986 (PNDCL 152);
13. Land Commission Act, 2008 (Act 767);
14. Lands (Statutory Wayleaves) Act, 1963 (Act 186);
15. Limitations Act,, 1972 (NRCD 54);
16. Mortgages Act, 1972 (NRCCD 96)
17. Mortgages (amendment) Act, 1979 (AFRCD 37);
18. Powers of Attorney Act, 1998 (Act549);
19. Rent Act, 1963 (Act 220);
20. Stamp Duty Act, 2005 (Act 689);
21. States Lands Act, 1962 (Act 125);
22. State Lands (Amendment) Act, 1968 (NLCD 234);
23. State Lands (Amendment) Act, 2000 (Act 586)
24. Statutory Declarations Act, 1971 (Act 389);
25. Volta River Development Act, 1961 (Act 46);
26. Wills Act, 1971 (Act 360);
27. Home Mortgage Finance Act, 1993 (P.N.D.C.L 329)
28. National pensions Act, 2008 (Act 766)

Land Registry Act, (Commencement) Instrument 1965 (L.I. 1450)
Land Title Regulations, 1986 (L.I. 134)
Probate and Administration Rules, 1991 (L.I.1515)
14. Articles
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Acquaye E., Administration and Development of Stool Land in Ghana [1970] GLR Vol II No. 1, 22-29
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