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I assumed duty on September 3, 2012. I deem it a great honour and privilege to be at the helm of affairs in this great institution at this time of its history.I am honoured to sit in the seat of legal luminaries, who have worked as Directors in the past, and I will endeavour to the best of my ability, to improve on the status of the Ghana School of Law during my tenure of office.

As part of my vision I will place an emphasis on good teaching and scholarship among the lecturers of the School. Recruiting the next generation of law lecturers is a matter which I am particularly passionate about, and I will pay attention to it.

I am optimistic that this would improve on the quality of education of the graduates of our School. Academic research would be encouraged and rewarded. Evidence of academic scholarship would be one of the criteria for deciding whether to promote a lecturer or not.

Power point presentations to help make lectures more participatory would be encouraged. Staff development among both lecturers and other members of staff would be encouraged. For the lecturers we will pursue the possibility of having exchange programmes with some selected universities in order to enhance their experience.

The Law School Library will be revamped. As part of the measures to improve on service delivery, we have appointed a qualified librarian.

All records of the Law School, including transcripts, would be computerized. I am looking forward to continuing the drive towards excellence and strong moral and ethical values by both our lecturers and the student body.

I am counting on the co-operation of lecturers, administrative staff and students to accomplish this task successfully.