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The Ghana School of Law Library aims at bringing library services to the point of users need. The Library houses one of the country’s finest collections of printed legal materials, secondary legal resources and provides access to online services and free internet sources. The Library supports legal researchers by integrating access to print and online sources. The primary function of the Library is to provide efficient and effective services that meet the needs of Faculty, Students, Staff and Library patrons. Some resources have been allocated for students at Green-Hill Legon Campus and KNUST Campus.


The School has a 30-seater Computer Laboratory. The setup of the computer laboratory is to enable students walk in and plug in their laptops to the School’s computer network. Alternatively, students who wish to remain in their lecture halls can connect to the School Computer network via WIFI.

Alumni Office

The Ghana School of Law Alumni Association was re-launched last year with its name being GHANA SCHOOL OF LAW ALUMNI ASSOCIATION (GHASLAA.)

The group aims at organising a Congress of Alumni, which shall be the highest decision-making body. Objectives

The objectives of the Association shall be:

(a) Provide a medium by which interest in the School shall be promoted amongst its Alumni wherever they may be.

(b) Provide opportunities for the Alumni to make positive contributions towards the development of the School and the enhancement of its influence in society.

(c) Promote individual acquaintances and friendship and thereby bind the Alumni into a united network for the social wellbeing of all members.

(d) Provide a platform for the discussion and promotions of issues affecting legal education in Ghana.

(e) Make such further or other rules as from time to time may become necessary, desirable, incidental and conducive to the attainment of the above objectives.

Events Alumni/reunion weekend where there all be selection of lectures, symposia panels and reception.

Funding of the Association Alumni members can support the association through the payment of dues, purchase of souvenirs like key holders, mugs just a few to mention and sponsorship to support projects of the School and the Association.

Annual General Meeting Executives of the Association shall be elected during the annual general meeting of all alumni members where there will be banquet for members and special invited guest which will be filled with fun, fellowship, and lively panel and audience discussions.

Members will be required to pay a fee which shall be used in preparation of the banquet which will be organised at members choice of place.

The Alumni has interim executives which are made up of the 1984 year group.

  • Ms Gloria Akuffo -Interim President
  • Mr Kofi Dua-Adonteng- Chairperson/Coordinator
  • Mad Charlotte Obeng- Member
  • Mr Ebow Paitoo- Member
  • Mr J.K.E. Edzi- Secretary


The Students’ Representative Council (SRC) represents the interests of students. It provides a connection with other organizations outside the School. Its officers are elected annually by a ballot of all students during the First Semester. The structure of the SRC as laid down in its constitution is three-fold namely the Executive Council, the Congress and the Judiciary. Annual activities the SRC embarks on include SRC Law Week Celebration, Carols Night Service and the Legal Outreach and Career Fair. Other important Committees and Societies of the SRC include the Editorial Board, the Welfare Committee and the Moot Court Society that organizes intra-campus as well as national and international moot competitions.

The highlight of the academic calendar is the S.R.C. Week Celebrations.
Some of the activities during the week celebrations are:

  • Legal Outreach
  • Lectures by renowned individuals
  • Dinner Dance for students
  • Games


a) Seeking the interests and welfare of the students’ body of the Ghana School of Law.
b) Serve as the mouthpiece of the entire student body.
c) Provide a means of communication between students and the school authorities in all matters affecting the student body as a whole or any individual.
d) Co-ordinate with other student organisations in Ghana and abroad on matters of mutual interest.
e) Foster good relations between the students of this school and the outside world.
f) Any ad hoc committee set up by the S.R.C. president with advise fromm the S.R.C. executive council.

Law Christian Fellowship

The Law Christian Fellowship (LCF) is a non-denominational family of Christians which is concerned about the spiritual development of students on campus. It has the Human Rights Centre that does pro bono for the underprivileged in the society especially prisoners.