Insurance Law


A. Commercial Background of Insurance Definition of insurance Parties to the contract classification of insurance Description of the subject matter Insurance interest

B. The making of contract Offer Cover note Acceptance Principles of faith Non disclosure Misrepresentation Premium

C. The policy Classification of policies Forms and Contracts Effect of other documents Parol evidence Commencement and duration Cancellation Alteration Rectification Renewal Lapse and revival Perils insured against Exceptions Conditions Alteration of risk Assignment Rules of construction

D. The claim Time of loss Proximate cause Making of claim Burden of proof

E. Settlement of claim Payment of loss Application of proceeds of the policy reinstatement Subrogate Contribution

F. Agency in Insurance Transaction Relation between principal and agent Relation between principal and third parties Relation between agent and third parties G. Reinsurance H. Particular types Motor Fire Life Burglary Public Liability Personal Accident Guarantee Marine Aviation Employers Liability Insurance/ Workmens Compensation I. Insurance Regulation in Ghana Reading List Birds Modern Insurance Law Colinauxs Law of Insurance by Prof. R. Merlin Macgillivray on Insurance Law Students should consult the latest editions of these works Legislations Womens Compensation Law PNDC 187 of 1987 Motor Vehicle Third Party Insurance Act (Act 42) of 1958 Motor Vehicles (Third Party Insurance) (ECOWAS BROWN CARD) Law 1986 (PNDCL 141) Insurance Act 2006 (Act 724)