Labour Law


General Considerations and Scope The employment relationship: Definition of the parties, Need for definitions, International Labour Organisation Conventions

Formation of the contract: Kinds of employment, Apprentices, Persons With Disability

The terms of the employment, Rights and obligations of parties, wages, protection of remuneration. Discharge of the relationship by Dismissal, Termination, Redundancy and effect.

Pensions Safety, Health and Environment Safety, Health & Environment: Labour Inspection, Forced Labour, Workmens Compensation. Factories, Offices & Shops Act

Industrial Relations Freedom of Association, Trade Unions, Employers Association, Collective Agreement, Unfair Labour Practices, Motivation, Conflict. Leadership. Dispute Settlement

STATUTES Labour Act 2003 (Act 651), Labour Regulations L.I. 1822, Labour Regulations L.I. 1833 Persons With Disability Act 2006 (Act 715) Children’s Act 1988 (Act 560), Children’s Act Regulations L.I. 1705 National Pensions Act, 2008 (Act 766) Workmen’s Compensation Act 1987 (PNDCL 187) Factories, Offices & Shops Act 1970 (Act 328) & Amendment Law 1991 (PNDCL 275) Factories (Docks Safety) Regulations 1960 Fair Wages & Salaries Commission Act 2007 (Act 737) The Constitution 1992 Fines (Penalty Units) Act 2000 (Act 572) & Amendments Civil Liability Act (1960) Act 25

FURTHER READING 1. A K P Kludze  Developments in Specific Performance (1972) RGL 102 2. Ofori-Boateng  Unlawful dismissal by statutory bodies (1973) RGL 44 3. Date-Bah  Remedying Wrongful Dismissal: The way of an Iconoclast (1976) RGL 211 4. Woodman  Parallel Developments in Specific Performance (1978) RGL 185 BOOKS (i) I. T. Smith and J. C. Wood 7th edition, Industrial Law (ii) Rideout’s Principles of Labour Law, Roger Rideout with Jacqueline Dyson 4th edition (iii) G. L. Fridman, Modern Employment Law (iv) Employment Law by Malcolm Sergeant (v) ILO Literature on the relationship