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The Students Representative Council serves as mouthpiece for the entire students’ body.
The highlight of the academic calendar is the S.R.C. Week Celebrations.
Some of the activities during the week celebrations are:

  • Legal Outreach
  • Lectures by renowned individuals
  • Dinner Dance for students
  • Games

Aims and Objectives

a) Seeking the interests and welfare of the students’ body of the Ghana School of Law.
b) Serve as the mouthpiece of the entire student body.
c) Provide a means of communication between students and the school authorities in all matters affecting the student body as a whole or any individual.
d) Co-ordinate with other student organisations in Ghana and abroad on matters of mutual interest.
e) Foster good relations between the students of this school and the outside world.
f) Any ad hoc committee set up by the S.R.C. president with advise fromm the S.R.C. executive council.